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Here at Perfect Tux, we understand that weddings are typically “bride-focused” which is completely understandable. But, it's his wedding day too and we're here to make sure the groom and his groomsmen shine. Perfect Tux is the leading online provider of fashionable and unique men's formal wear, and we revamped the way to buy formal wear online. We understand that there are many moving parts when planning your wedding, that’s why we have simplified the process of finding your 'Perfect Tux' right from your home.

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    What is your return policy?

    We offer a 14-day return policy from the date of receipt. To view our full return policy click here.

    Is there free shipping?

    Yes! We offer free shipping on all items over $99 (which includes all of our mens tuxedos,suits, or blazers). Also, for group orders we will ship to individual addresses for no additional charge.

    Do you offer any group discounts?

    We offer 50% off of the groom's outfit when your wedding party of 5 persons or more purchase their tuxedo/suit/blazer from Perfect Tux. To take advantage of this offer you must register your wedding party with us. To register fill out the Wedding Party Registration form at the top of this page.

    The waist size for the pants that come with the jacket size doesn't work for me or someone in my party. What are my options?

    Most commonly, American tuxedos and suits are manufactured as a married set with a six-inch drop. A six-inch drop means the waist size is six sizes less than the coat size. For example, if you order a 40R coat the pants will be a 34R. A 42R will come with 36R pants, and so on. These sizes are based on the general proportion sizes of men. You'll see six-inch drops in all men's clothing retail shops.

    We know that a six-inch drop doesn't always work with everyone. When working with a wedding party it's sometimes possible to switch pants within the party or work out some other solution. Also, sometimes it's best to order a size higher in the coat to get your correct waist size and have your coat taken in by a tailor.

    We also carry some tuxedos or suits that you can select your coat and pant waist size individually. These are called "Separates". Please contact us if you are having difficulties with a jacket/pant size match. We always try to do our best to find a solution for our wedding parties.

    Do you offer fabric swatches?

    At this time we do not offer any fabric swatches.

    Do you sell boys suits or tuxedos?

    Yes, we do! Visit our boyswear page to find all our boys items.

    How early should I place my order?

    We suggest everyone in your wedding party order at least two months before your event. You want to make sure everyone has enough time to receive their order and do alterations if needed. Also, we want to make sure you have enough time to process an exchange if needed.

    However, we do suggest registering your wedding party with us ASAP, no matter how early. The reason being is that our retail items are subject to having current inventory levels sell out. We can work with you directly to hold inventory or other solutions if stock is ever an issue.

    Got Questions? Chat with us online, send us a email, or call us to speak with a wedding specialist at 877-402-2905.

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