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BLACK CLASSIC FIT TUXEDO PACKAGE: This is a full tuxedo package. The package includes the following:

  • Red Tuxedo Jacket with Black Lapel
  • Black Tuxedo Pants
  • Black Satin Tuxedo Vest & Bow Tie
  • White Laydown Tuxedo Shirt
  • Silver Cufflinks and Stud Set


Tuxedo: Mens red tuxedo with black satin notch lapel. This fashionable tuxedo is made of a 100% polyester.  Coat has a two button front closure. Jacket has two front flap pockets and one chest pocket. Jacket pockets are usable but come sewn shut. Gently cut open to use. Fully lined. Comes with pleated black trousers. Pants are a six-inch drop. Subtract six inches from your jacket size to determine your pant waist size. Meaning, if the coat size is a 40R the pants waist will be a 34R. Pants come unfinished at the bottom so that you can hem at your proper length. This tuxedo is ideal for weddings, proms, and other formal events. Dry clean only.

Vest: Black tuxedo vest. This vest has a polyester satin face fabric with nylon lining. 100% Polyester. Five Button front. Vests has two front besom pockets. These pockets are usable but come sewn shut. Gently cut open to use. Fullback vest with an elastic adjustable waist strap.

Tuxedo Shirt: Mens formal white laydown collar tuxedo shirt with a 1/4" pleated front. This tuxedo shirt is made of a polyester/cotton blend material. Convertible stud front and barrel cuffs. Shirt can be worn with or without cufflinks and studs.

Tie: Black satin pre-tied bow tie made of 100% polyester. Adjustable strap that wraps around the neck that can be adjusted down to a 13" neck and out to a 22.5" neck. 

Studs & Cufflinks: Formal basic cufflinks and studs set black epoxy with silver plated finish. Comes with two cufflinks and four studs.

Tuxedo Package Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How do I figure out my size?
Visit our Sizing Guide and you can find your size based on your height and weight. If you are still unsure, we suggest going to a local tuxedo or suit shop, even a place like Macy's, and they will measure you for free and give you your size. You can also contact us and we'll be happy to help you figure it out.

Also for the tuxedo, vest, shirt, etc. If you click the question mark icon () a pop-up box will provide more sizing info on each option.

2. Why is the price so low? Why are other tuxedos and suits on your site more expensive than this package?
We listened to our customers and heard that they wanted a basic tuxedo package that was high quality but affordable. We worked with our manufacturers to design and purchase in bulk our most popular tuxedo and accessories, thus being able to offer a package deal at a specific low price. If you bought these items individually it would be a lot more expensive. 

3. Can I substitute or change items within the package? (Example: "I want another vest color")
As stated with the answer to question #2, we are able to offer this specific package with all options based on working out deals with our manufacturers. We're happy to make any change to the package but  there will be a price increase. Feel free to contact us directly about your needs.

4. Is this a rental?
No, everything we sell at Perfect Tux are for purchase. It's yours to own.

Color Red
Material Polyester

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If you see the coat and waist size together it's because the tuxedo or suit is "nested"

"Nested sizing" is also frequently referred to as a 6" drop size scale. This means whatever the jacket size is the trousers will be 6" less. For example a 40R jacket only comes with 34" waist trousers (no mix and matching). A size 42R would come with 36" waist trousers; a 44R would come with 38 waist trousers, etc.

Some of our tuxedos or suits come with pants that have an adjustable waistband. So when you see a range of sizes, for example "27-28-29" or "28-30" waist pant, you can adjust the waist to fit those range of sizes.

Even if your sizes do not fit a perfect 6 inch drop, your local tailor can usually do minor alterations to have the tuxedo fit you properly. For example, suppose you are a 40R jacket but have a 32 inch waist. In this situation, your tailor will take your 34 waist pants in to a 32 waist. Suppose a different gentleman is a 40R jacket but has a 35 waist. In this situation, the tailor would then let the waist out at the seams to accommodate the 35 inch waist.

The length refers to your overall height. It will determine the length of the jacket and the sleeves.

Short 5'7" and shorter

Regular 5'8" to 5'10"

Long 5'11" and taller

These measurements are not perfect for everyone, though, so be aware of your body proportions. For example, if you are 5'10" but have a long torso and long arms, you may want to go with a long.

Tuxedo vests are sized by your coat/chest size. For example, if you are a 40R coat, your chest size is 40, which would be a medium size vest.

Coat SizeVest Size
30-34Extra Small
Medium - Long (6' and taller)
Large - Long (6' and taller)
Extra Large
Extra Large - Long (6' and taller)
2XL - Long (6' and taller)
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