Navy Midnight Blue Tuxedo with Black Lapel Slim Fit One Button - Wedding

Navy Midnight Blue Tuxedo with Black Lapel Slim Fit One Button - Wedding

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Men's navy midnight blue slim fit tuxedo with black shawl lapel. This modern tuxedo is made of a luxurious rayon viscose/ dacron blend fabric that looks and feels like super 100 wool. Coat has a one covered button front closure with shawl satin lapel. Side vent.s Jacket has two front pockets and one chest pocket. Jacket pockets are usable but come sewn shut. Gently cut open to use. Tetron silk lining. Very high quality and well constructed.  Comes with matching navy blue plain-front tapered trousers. Pants are lined to the knee. Pants are a six-inch drop. Subtract six inches from your jacket size to determine your pant waist size. Meaning, if the coat size is a 40R the pants waist will be a 34R. Pants come unfinished at the bottom so that you can hem at your proper length. This tuxedo is ideal for weddings, proms, black tie, and other formal events. Dry clean only. 

Color Navy Blue
Material Rayon Viscose/Dacron

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Finding your coat size is fairly easy. If you own a coat or suit jacket you should be able to find your size just by looking at the tag inside your coat. If you don't own one or have trouble finding your correct size, the best next option maybe going to your local tailor, tuxedo rental shop, or department store and ask to be measured. More often than not, they will give you all your measurements free of charge. However, if you would like to do it yourself all you need is a tape measure. If you don't have one at home, you can print out your own here.

When measuring for your chest size, make sure your arms at your sides, measure around your upper body, under your armpits and over the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades. You should put a flat hand between your chest and the tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit. You don't want your jacket to be really tight.

This chart should be used as a general guide to our sizing. Although this chart is accurate forto most customers, we cannot guarantee it will work for everyone. These are proportionate sizes and lengths relative to height and weight, for the "average built" man and can be used as a reliable guide.

HeightWeightChestCoat LengthSleeve InseamCoat SizeWaist SizePants OutseamPants InseamPants Rise
5'4"1203427 1/21634 S27 S36 3/4279 3/4
1353627 1/21636 S29 S372710
15038281638 S32 S3726 3/410 1/4
165402815 1/240 S34 S37 1/426 3/410 1/2
1804228 1/415 1/242 S36 S37 1/226 3/410 3/4
5'6"1503828 1/216 1/238 S32 S372710
1654028 1/216 1/240 S34 S3827 1/210 1/2
180422916 1/442 S36 S38 1/227 1/211
200442916 1/444 S39 S3927 1/211 1/2
2154629 1/21646 S42 S392712
5'8"1553829 1/21738 R32 R402911
1704029 1/21740 R34 R402911
18542301742 R36 R40 1/22911 1/2
20544301744 R39 R40 1/228 1/212
2204630 1/216 3/446 R42 R40 1/228 1/212
5'10"1603830 1/217 1/238 R32 R4129 1/211 1/2
1754030 1/217 1/240 R34 R4129 1/211 1/2
190423117 1/242 R36 R412912
208443117 1/244 R39 R412912
2254631 1/217 1/446 R42 R4128 1/212 1/2
6'1623831 1/21838 R32 R4230 1/211 1/2
1804031 1/21840 R34 R4230 1/211 1/2
19542321842 R36 R423012
21244321844 R39 R423012
2304632 1/21846 R42 R42 1/23012 1/2
2454832 3/417 3/448 R44 R42 1/23012 1/2
6'2"1663832 1/21938 L32 L43 1/231 1/212
1824032 1/21940 L34 L43 1/231 1/212
19842331942 L36 L43 1/231 1/212
21644331944 L39 L443113
2364633 1/21946 L42 L443113
2464833 1/218 1/248 L44 L443113
6'4"1703833 1/219 1/238 XL32 L4532 1/212 1/2
1854033 1/219 1/240 XL34 L4532 1/212 1/2
2054233 1/219 1/442 XL36 L453213
220443419 1/444 XL39 L453213
235463419 1/446 XL42 L453213
250483419 1/448 XL44 L4531 1/213 1/2

The length refers to your overall height. It will determine the length of the jacket and the sleeves.

Short 5'7" and shorter

Regular 5'8" to 5'10"

Long 5'11" and taller

These measurements are not perfect for everyone, though, so be aware of your body proportions. For example, if you are 5'10" but have a long torso and long arms, you may want to go with a long.

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