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Your 2017 Prom Tuxedo Guide

Your 2017 Prom Tuxedo Guide

Why is Prom never as simple as person A asking person B to the dance? between having to juggle extracurriculars, sports leagues, and a vibrant social life, prom can be a stressful time. Well, stress no more - We’re here to help with some top prom trends for 2017.

 Let's get all Blus-yed up!!

Blue is really on the move this year, at least, in the world of formal dress. From Navy Blue, Blue Suede, to Ocean and all the shades of blue in between, wearing a blue tux will almost certainly help you stand out from the crowd both on and off the dance floor.

 Why are the blues in? our more curious minds want to know. The answer is simple: blue injects an effortlessly new and modern feeling into almost any dress sensibility, and looks great in photos. The best thing about a blue suit or tux is that while it’s a fun color, it also blends well with other colors. No matter what color your date chooses for their attire, any accessory color will look great with blue.

 You’ll be the envy of everybody on the dance floor, looking cool and breezy, in blue.


 Glaming it Up

If you’re leaning more towards a super glam red carpet style as seen at this year’s Grammys and Oscars, consider the classic black tux with a shawl lapel. It’s a look that provides a more traditional, timeless vibe, but this classic throwback ensemble certainly remains a standard for the Prom look. It might also be worth noting, that pairing  a black dress shirt with your black tux will really accentuate any "tall, dark and handsome" looks you may be going for.

Devise to Accessorize

Riding solo this year? There's no shame in lone wolf-ing it. Sometimes you have to eek out from the pack and do your own thing. And one of the major benefits of rolling solo is that you can pick any color or style you’d like. The hot colors for this spring are more perennial colors with your Greenish, Yellow, and Light-Reddish hues being most pre-eminent. These colors not only provide a more lush and natural look but pair you with the season; and can provide a more fun, and youthful alternative to more traditional dress looks.

You don’t always get the opportunity to wear a tux to school, so prom is the time to dress up and standout. Pick wisely, and show your classmates not only that your style is impeccable but that your swag is unimpeachable. Most importantly of all, make sure you have the time of your life!

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