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Why Buying a Tuxedo Might Be the Best Decision You've Ever Made!

Why Buying a Tuxedo Might Be the Best Decision You've Ever Made!

Have you ever noticed why James Bond always gets the ladies?

It's not just his charm or his awesome toys.

No, no, it's actually quite more simple than that, it's what he's wearing that gets the demand for attention everywhere he goes.

Yes, my fellow gentlemen, there's simply nothing better that a man could put on to show off his class and good looks than his very own well-fitted tuxedo!

A tuxedo is an essential piece of clothing that every man must have in his modern wardrobe. One just can't simply say he knows about true quality until he has complete ownership of his very own tuxedo that’s finely crafted to fit his unique frame.

Are you a person who pays great attention to detail, especially when it comes to the quality of a finely crafted tuxedo?

If you are, then you will most likely want to own your own tuxedo rather than renting one, that is, if you are planning to get your money's worth for the quality and a great investment.

Comparison of Purchasing Vs Renting a Tuxedo 

People generally tend to believe that renting a tuxedo will be of the same quality, if not, cheaper than buying their own. Although it may seem like it, it isn't quite true because tuxedo rental prices have risen to almost match a custom made tuxedo.

When the prices are almost equally matched, it will come down to quality.

You might even have to ask yourself, “Do I want something that will last my entire life, or just something temporary?”

It’s not too tough of a decision, but any professional designer and fashion enthusiasts will tell you that the smarter choice would be to own your own tuxedo. It’s actually a lot more affordable, better quality, and a great fit for a boost in confidence.

We will examine the benefits you get from owning your own tuxedo by comparing purchasing vs renting one.


When you are buying your own Tuxedo, you have it for a lifetime. It could cost about the same or just slightly a little more. The difference is your own tuxedo will be of well-fitted quality materials that just can't be replicated by anyone.

       You'll feel a lot more free in your movements with maximum comfortability.

       It’s made of high-quality materials that allow extreme focus to be put on detail and quality. It will fit you perfectly down to the very last inch.

       It's your very own and it fits you perfectly throughout your lifetime. You don't have to worry about renting or buying a suit after that for future events.

Total Cost: $100-$400


When renting a tuxedo, you know that eventually you'll have to give it back. It's a huge price for just a few days of looking good.

       Rentals nowadays are in the same price range as purchasing your own due to the labor and risks that are put in. The risks are that you might damage the tuxedo when you return it.

       The materials are made to endure rather than focus on looks and quality. This will make you feel stiff, hot, and uncomfortable.

       Materials are cheaper in cost.

       Do you really want to wear something that has been used several times on the greatest, most memorable day of your life?

Total Cost: On average $195. Designer tuxedos can cost between $400-$500 to rent.

Ending Thoughts:

It is actually quite cheaper to buy a tuxedo when you take into the consideration of quality and lifetime ownership. Those two factors alone will make purchasing a tuxedo a good investment.

You will most likely attend many events in your lifetime such as anniversaries and weddings.

Why have to go through the hassle of remeasuring and paying high renting fees for a tuxedo when you can wear a high-quality tuxedo of your own!

Don’t settle for rented tuxedos, get the best for your money!

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