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When to Wear a Winged Collar

When to Wear a Winged Collar

If you've ever been invited to a black tie or formal social event, then, as a gentleman, you should know that wearing a winged collar dress shirt is very important.

While wearing a tuxedo with a turndown soft collar does have its appeals, a winged collar is much more classy and appropriate for a wedding/formal event. Depending on the level of formality that is required at the wedding, a winged collar dress shirt, brings an image that recalls a more traditional era in menswear.

One of sleek elegance and un-erring masculinity.

With this being said, it is always of great importance to know the level of formality before attending any event. If you find yourself wearing a winged collar while all other men are wearing turndown collars, then you could find yourself standing a bit out of place.

DO NOT worry, in the realm of  men's fashion, standing out of place is not always a bad thing.

This could be an excellent opportunity to mingle with the other guests with your winged collar doubling as both conversation piece and eye catcher.  How you feel while being the only man wearing a winged collar is entirely your choice.  Know your environment and above all, wear with confidence!

In short, the winged collar is like the luxury car of dress shirt collars: not appropriate at all times, but sure to turn a few heads when worn right. Should you find yourself wearing a winged collar dress shirt, we know that on a hope, a wing, and a prayer, a wonderful night is sure to be ahead.

Keep it dapper.

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