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Wedding Day Jitters are a Thing, Right?

Wedding Day Jitters are a Thing, Right?

Are wedding day nuptials making you nauseous?

Let's face it, marriage is a big step. It is the consolidation of a bond to another individual and a commitment to share your life, wealth, and in some cases, sanity, with another person. There is a tiny voice of doubt asking to be listened too and it would be best not to ignore that voice.

Wedding Jitters don't mean that your marriage is doomed. In fact, in many cases, it's quite the opposite, it means that you are taking this giant life step seriously enough to be cautious. Nobody base jumps without sweaty palms; but nobody has ever come down and said the view is anything less but extraordinary!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to cure those pre-wedding day jitters. Namaste!

 Think of the reasons...You’re getting married! You're jumping the broom! Tieing the knot! or whatever other euphemism you want to use - to someone you truly love! hold onto that flood of emotion and positive thought that you've found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Think about:

  • All the ways she or he has shown their love leading up to the wedding.
  • A trait or personality quirk of theirs that you really cherish.
  • All of the things that you have in common that attracted you to each other.

Find your center and stretch it out... Religion and spirituality are not the same thing. One is a state of being, the other is a belief system that transcribes positivity to that being. Spirituality involves tapping into that inner strength that allows you to overcome obstacles. This inner strength doesn't even have to totally be your own, but from the friends and family who care about you--

  • Speak to friends and family member whose advice and support you trust.
  • Meditate. Gain a sense of clarity and calm from emptying the mind and focusing on the now.
  • Reflect. Think about the connection you are sharing not only with your SO, but the connection to will also share with friends and family who show up to the wedding.

Suds and More... I would be telling you an un-truth if I said that there was a cure for wedding day jitters. What I can tell you is that there is a close second.  Sometimes from the best man, to the main man - or the groom as they are better known, just needs some alone time with a bath.

Try soaking in a moderately warm, herb-infused water for fifteen minutes.  It eases the muscles and releases the stress and gives you time to practice all the steps mentioned above. Bath time could be a powerful tool to melt those jitters away!

Laughter is the best Medicine...  Shakespeare once said... "if music be the fruit of love, play on." and I sincerely believe that if "marriage be the cause of discomfort, laugh on." One of the greatest playwrights and poets of all time knew something, that many people are still finding out, that laughter and enjoyment helps you ease tension. We understand that with the caterers, the family members, the seating arrangements, the cousins, aunts, uncles...(I'm already exhausted) - a lot of the initial fun that you thought the wedding would be can be sapped out. As hard as it may be to find time to get in that side-hurting, belly-rubbing, snort out of your nose laugh - that might actually be what you need to calm those jitters.

  • Phone a friend with a real sense of humor and large funny bone.
  • Check out a comedy show or Netflix that one movie you've been meaning to see with either a Zach or a Sandler in it.
  • Look around you and laugh at the comedy of all of your family being in one place, at one time. I'm sure if you find a moment either an aunt or uncle will remind you of the reason why family reunions are only, usually, once a year.

Wedding day jitters should not define your wedding experience but enliven it. Re-enforce and re-define it what it is. Without fear there is no living. Without risk there is no reward.  Just be sure to take a little time to relax and unwind beforehand. I'm sure your wedding will be memorable, marvelous, and one for the record books!

As always, stay dapper!

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