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Unruffled in LA LA Land

Unruffled in LA LA Land

The 89th Annual Academy Awards wrapped up with an unbelievable finish, and what a whirlwind of excitement and confusion!

We'll still be talking about that unbelievable finish for some time to come.

There were a number of interesting moments, other than the last three, that provided some interesting, funny, and touching tidbits along the way. However, here at the Perfect Tux, we always focus on who wears it best.

When people think of Ryan Gosling they usually fall into two categories: Madly in love or passively "pro-not". Sure, it's easy for any man to be intimidated by a guy with sterling good looks, who can sing and dance; but, it takes an even bigger man to pull off the tux with the ruffles. Of course, most guys aren’t Ryan Gosling.

 A Gucci Tuxedo was his choice of dress attire to head to the Oscars in honor of the night’s most nominated film, La La Land. Gosling looked unruffled in his frilly tuxedo befitting either a star from a musical or Liberace. Black bow tie and a ruffled shirt by Anto Shirt, Alessandro Michele’s light-hearted take on men's formal wear provided a warming alternative to the norm.

Rocking a suit and making it look as good as Gosling does is no easy task, but wearing a suit and becoming a meme in the process is priceless. Gosling’s ruffles were offbeat, but in an appealing way, like that bad prom photo in highschool, so bad, but you just can't look away. Gosling pulled off the look with considerable panache and a Gosling-esque coolness.

The negatives: We’d say the cut is slightly off kilter, but really, when a man is brave enough to rock the frills a couple rules of form and fit can be glanced over. We'll allow it Ryan Gosling... we'll allow it.

But I guess Gosling wasn't going for simmering sexy. He was going for the "I'm cool, I know it, why not ruffle some feathers?" look.

 Ryan Gosling wins best dressed of the night just because the frills always come out on top.

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