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Taking Care of Your Tuxedo

Taking Care of Your Tuxedo

Your Tuxedo is not just an article of clothing combining wool and seams. It is an investment into a lifestyle and a statement. It represents a ticket allowing entrance into a world of fine dress and elegance.

If you treat your Tuxedo with love and it will surely return the unwrinkled and un-stained favor when it comes time to wear! Here is everything you need to know about keeping your suit in perfect shape!

 Brush Those Shoulders Off!

A swipe with a clothing brush will gently remove dirt and lint fibers, while also extending the life of the Tuxedo.

The best way to brush your suit, is to carefully lay your jacket or pants on a flattened, hard surface, and to brush from top to bottom. Make sure to pay close attention to "problem areas" like armpits and pockets where lint and dust can accumulate.

 Keep It Dry.

This is a very important: Precipitation is not your friend and can really break down the inner lining of a jacket. If wet, any suit, no matter the quality, will experience signs of sagging and puckering at the seams. Don’t forget to grab an umbrella if the weather forecast calls for it. 

 How's it Hanging.

A good tip for hanging a suit is to purchase a well-made wooden hanger. Wooden hangers are invaluable because they maintain the crease of the shoulders while preserving your jacket's unique shape. Secondly, learn and love, the  “savile row fold” one of the oldest and most useful tricks from London's infamous tailors. Not sure how to implement the fold? It's simple, you just grab the pants by the legs and fold one through the hanger until the hem reaches the crotch. Then finish by folding the second leg similarly over the first!

 For those who need an additional visual aid, please, feel free to take a look at the video attached!

Steaming for the Cleaning.

Before you put on your suit, always do a quick once over for any wrinkles. A simple, hand-held steamer is great for removing those last minute wrinkly areas. It’s the most ideal solution for keeping your suit looking fresh and clean.

Remember that investing in the right Tuxedo is like investing in a future of weddings, dances, and elegant dress events. Please, always remember, to invest wisely.



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