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The perfect occasion deserves the Perfect Tux.

Red, White & Groomed

Red, White & Groomed

Proposing during the holidays can be a perfect way to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment during a special time of year. As long as you plan ahead and take complex family and travel logistics into consideration --Your holiday proposal should be unique and special!

If you’re ready to take the next step, check out our tips below to make sure it goes perfectly!

 Have a List and Check it Twice

As you all have heard me say over and over again, preparation is key. It is always important to plan ahead for the proposal, this is especially true during the holiday season.

When you are faced with multiple family obligations, celebrations with friends and co-workers, extra stress and travel plans, a proposal can go awry more quickly than you can say 'happy holiday'.

The last thing you need to compound upon the stress of the proposal would be your family scheduling a last minute dinner; or, an unexpected flight cancellation, ruining your special evening.

Make a plan, then check it twice, and form a back up plan if need be, and clue in everyone you need to help make it happen  (yes, flight attendants included). Just don’t spill your big news to someone whose loose lips have been known to sink ships!

 Ring in the holiday & proposal the right way

When buying an engagement ring, always have enough of a buffer zone between purchase and proposal. It may take longer than you anticipated to get the ring of your dreams back from the jeweler, and onto the finger of your beloved. The wait can be anywhere from 1 week to 3 months, this includes proper re-sizing, cutting, and any other adjustments that need to happen, so plan accordingly.

Once you have the ring and you’re making your proposal plan, take some time to deliberate on how you actually plan to get the ring there, where you’ll keep it, and how you'll present it. Don't just slip it into a pair of trousers and hope for the best. There’s no better recipe for a ring lost in your luggage or suitcase somewhere than careless planning. Works towards making both plan and final execution as flawless as possible.

 I wish you a merry proposal

Have you asked your future fiance about what they want in a proposal? Even though many people relish the thought of being surrounded by friends and family as the love of there life proposes. Others prefer the experience to be more intimate and private. Make sure you discuss with your partner what exactly they want in a proposal beforehand - you only get to do this once!

 It's the Thought that Counts

Chances are, you’ll be spending part of the holidays with family. Consider their feelings too. Does Mom want to know in advance that you’re going to propose? Is now a good time to take Dad aside to make your plans known? Should you surprise your family with the news on the eve of your choosen holiday? Think about how you’ll involve them in your plans and break the news in advance so everyone is happy come the big day.

Good luck if you’re planning on proposing this season or during the holiday of your choice.


As always - stay dapper!

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