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Of Wine and Weddings

Of Wine and Weddings

Wine and weddings go together like cart and buggy. Abbott and Costello. Siegfried and...well, let's not even broach that subject.

The point is that weddings have a long and storied history with wine. They are the palpable decadent of the wedding season. A reminder through the senses of the rich luxuriousness of the celebration. So let's commemorate the pomp and circumstance of this occasion by posting some of the best wedding destinations with wine and drink.


Always Find Your Reason to Toast

When you think of wine/wedding destinations it's hard not to think of the City of Light.

Everyone imagines the Eiffel tower at night while the stars shimmer down brightly, clinking glasses with the love of your life. However, for those who did budget for an international wedding the hassle and expense of such a venture could turn idle fantasies, into sour grapes.

 While the US does not boast a city of romance, per say,  the U.S. does have it's fair share of great wine regions.

 Just like romance, wine is to be paired, and enjoyed with someone you love. No matter the destination.



For those blessed to live in and near the sunny weather and gorgeous beaches of Southern California, there is yet another perk to life near the Pacific, great wine! 

Located 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles and featuring more than 30 wineries - Temecula boosts a flavor for all someliers and lovers to enjoy.

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Though, not the biggest of California's wine regions,, many of the wineries housed in Temecula make for great wedding venues, such as Mount Palomar Winery, one of the area’s oldest wineries, which can accommodate up to 500 guests, and features backdrops of vineyards and Temecula Valley’s mountains.

Perfect for framing your ideal wedding


Biltmore Company

The Biltmore Company in Asheville, North Carolina, is no stranger to throwing wedding ceremonies paired with great wine. The Biltmore has hosted more than 200 weddings annually since 1924 with guest counts as high as 450.

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With a natural beauty all its own and along tradition of hospitality, there is perhaps no more perfect place to say “I do” than Biltmore.

Veritas Vineyard & Winery

“In wine there is truth.” boasts the roman credo of veritas vineyards - And what better way to celebrate your truth than lifting a glass and celebrating your communion to one another? This is the ideal wedding destination for those looking to romance both eyes and palette.

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Nashoba Valley Winery     

Located in the heart of apple country in Massachusetts, Nashoba Valley Winery uses the native fruit to brew cordials, whiskey, and every sip in between. The winery sits on a hilltop orchard and overlooks the church steeple in the town of Bolton, making a hillside exchange of “I dos” only natural, rather than something better left to the movies. 

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Flag Hill Winery and Distillery     

Flag Hill Winery and Distillery may be New Hampshire’s largest commercial vineyard, but don’t overlook its other spirits distilled on site, like the spiced rum, which demands Coke and an ice cube. Bonus: Flag Hill’s outdoor reception quote is all-inclusive, meaning tables, chairs, linens, custom-built bathrooms, and more are part of the rate.

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Pair your romance with a glass of wine on us. As always - stay dapper!



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