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It Has to be the Shoes

It Has to be the Shoes

Many people stress out about picking the right tux for their formal occasion. Understandably, it can be difficult to make an informed choice when you are not accustomed to buying formal attire. That's why at the Perfect Tux we will take the time to ensure that you make the best possible choice that will not only leave you looking good, but feeling good, as well. 

As much as people may stress out over their tuxedo, the accessories, are  the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae. In particular, accessories are the things that tie together a look and give it an individualized appeal.  So in the case of, shoes and footwear, it is important that you make the right decision. We would like to take a moment right now to help you consider the issue of footwear and what that means for your tux.

Do the shoes really make the tux?

Of course, they do!

Think about one of the first things that you notice about a person when they enter the room. It's the shoes. It's more of a force of habit then anything else, when someone new enters the room, we look down and then up. This snap assessment can really make or break someone's initial impressions of you. If the shoes clashes, it can really throw off the rest of the outfit.

Like that old saying goes - you can't build a house without a solid bedrock, and your shoes are that bedrock.

Some Basic Things to Consider with Tuxedo Footwear

The basic rule in regards to tuxedo shoes is that black patent-leather shoes and plain black Oxfords go a long way, towards helping you settle into a unique look. Making sure that the shoes are buffed and polished is a must towards providing a clean, well-maintained aesthetic. You want your shoes to complement your elegant tuxedo and never to detract

Can unpolished leather or different colors of leather shoes, work for me?

Regarding, flat black leather shoes, I would strongly suggest avoidance; in the world of fashion everything is up to subjective taste, however,  most times leather can lack the elegance that it takes to really pull off a regal, tuxedo look.

Leather can do more to stand out and alienate rather than unify a look.

On Other Kinds of Non-Formal Footwear

In the matter of other kinds of shoes, this ultimately comes down to an issue of taste and individual preference. Traditionally, leather shoes, boots, sneakers of different colors, can clash with a tuxedo. However, for those conscientious and fashion-forward individuals, with the right twist, a person can pull it off.

So by all means feel free to experiment.

With this being said, If you are a best man or member of a wedding party, be sure to check with others to make sure that your fashion doesn't make you the odd man out. This is a generally good rule of thumb for any type of group formal occasion, and it's a good bit of common courtesy that can go a long way towards sparing any unnecessary embarrassments.

We Want To Help You Make the Right Choice

In addition to footwear, we at the Perfect Tux, are more than happy to suggest other garment combinations and accessories, such as cummerbunds, socks, ties, hats, shirts, and so forth. We're here for you.

As always, keep it dapper!

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