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How to Say L.U.V the D.I.Y Way

How to Say L.U.V the D.I.Y Way

Roses are red, violets are blue, a wedding day is coming up and it could be for you.

Did you know that over 10 percent of Americans choose February 14th to pop the big question? It's no secret that the romance of Valentines day and for many, their wedding day, go hand in hand.

So, here are some romantic gift ideas to help incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day into your planning for your big day — from nice nuptial notes to food-y favorites. Here are some fun and interesting DIY ideas that will not only keep the romance alive, but won't put too many "arrows" in your pocketbook.

A Trip down Memory Lane

Decorate blocks with your favorite photographs and quotes — not only is it a nice departure from a traditional picture frame, but a creative way to speak from the heart.

How Long has it Been since the Last Date Night?

Many times, it's the thought that counts. And more times than not, it is the words that come from those thoughts that mean the most. A jar filled with funny, kind, and sweet things to do with you and your partner = the perfect way to share some Valentines bliss.

52 Ways to Say I love You

Whether it's a meaningful, touching gesture; or something intimate shared between you both - fill a deck of 52 cards with reasons why you love them.

Love can be Picky... No, REALLY picky

Let's face it: the quickest way to a SO's heart is through their stomach. Only receiving the marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms means not only shows diligence and patience; but an understanding of why the most important meal of the day is well... important.

It's All in the Wrapping

Use red, pink or white tissue paper, buttons and twine to dress up a box of chocolates, using the colors of the season not only shows a keen fashion sense, but can also be used to decorate wedding invitations, as well.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Pick up a box of jumbo red or pink paper clips and bend them into fun, heart-shaped designs, excellent for clipping on a love note.

With these creative ideas we know your expectant bride or groom to be won't be able to resist saying, "will you be my valentine?"



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