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Four Simple Rules for Buying the Perfect Tuxedo

Four Simple Rules for Buying the Perfect Tuxedo

When buying a tux for any occasion - you have to make sure it's perfect. These are the four main qualities you look for in buying a tux to highlight your special event.


Form is key - a good tuxedo should contour to the body while still being comfortable and allowing movement. Investing in an off peg tuxedo and having the arms, legs, shoulders, chest & waist tailored to your exact body specifications, will not only save you money in the long run, but might also spare your dignity. Anyone for the post dinner Tango?


The cut of the tux and the pants is important. Always check the suit jacket at the shoulders to make sure there is no jutting out. The suit should fall neatly and in a straight line when fastened. The fabric around the mid-section should be tight but non constricting .

How to Wear It

Know your traditional from your modern; a traditional tuxedo should only have one button fastened. Remember to keep closed at all times to show the natural form of the body.

For those seeking a less traditional option it is always a good rule of thumb to stick with a top button fastened with on a two button jacket.

If looking to dust off the double breasted option, always buttoned up.

The Tie is King

They say that a little bit goes a long way... knowing how to tie a tie correctly is the small accent that is needed for the perfect tuxedo.

Even though the clip-on option may have its appeal to those of us more clumsily-fingered and ill patient. A fake, in the realm of suits and tuxes, is almost always found out.

So, for the Perfect Tuxedo to start you off the right way here is an introductory video for the basics:

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