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The perfect occasion deserves the Perfect Tux.

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

If you're anything like me you value your pockets. Gum, pens, cell phone, the occasional throat lozenge that has been lost to time since The Never Ending Story circa 1984. My pockets are a catch all for coupons spare change, and movie stubs, but while bulging pockets may be unsightly; in real life they are more personal preference than fashion 'no-no'. However, in the world of suits and tuxedos this bulging look can be a real fashion faux pas.

The whole point of wearing a suit is to slim it down. Suit, jacket, pants, everything is supposed to come together to create a smooth and unencumbered look . So you don’t want to ruin that dapper silhouette by stuffing your pockets with a bunch of stuff that not only distorts the proper shape of your suit, but can also warp the fabric and seams, putting unnecessary stress and damage on the material.

When it comes to style with a tuxedo the name of the game is minimalism. You want to cut down on the things you carry with you, or at the very least,  distribute them evenly throughout an attire.

You should trade out a cumbersome wallet for something more thin and compact at social events where fine dress is required. A slim money clip, with just a few bills and a credit card, can fit in the front pocket of your tuxedo neatly without compromising the cohesive feel of the attire.

A pen can also fit innocuously inside a breast pocket, though some modern suits come pre-fitted with slits for just such a thing. Your phone can also be put in the other inside breast pocket.

And that, my dapper friends, is pretty much all the encumbrance you need when wearing a fine dress attire. After all, a suave appearance is always best when understated instead of overstuffed.

As always, stay dapper!

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