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A Tale of Studs and Cufflinks

A Tale of Studs and Cufflinks

It goes without saying that the tuxedo is the sum whole of all of its parts. The jacket is designed to match the shirt. The belt is supposed to compliment the pants. Even the socks are a story worth telling of elegance and sleek sensibility.

There are a lot of things that go into the "dressing up" and accentuation of evening wear, however, nothing quite makes an outfit POP like the cufflinks and studs. 

In particular, for the studs, if you aren't going to wear a placket shirt, a shirt that is designed to hide the buttons; you should definitely consider using studs for your shirt closure instead. Studs are in keeping with the tradition of dressing up the working parts of your ensemble and work towards giving your Tuxedo a more all-around elegant look.

For those cuff link lovers, it is essential that the cuff links match the shirt that you are wearing. The cuff links are the branding stamp to your tuxedo. An item that can be crafted to show your style, taste, or even initials, so it is important that you make sure your cufflinks work to compliment your outfit.

While the world of shirt studs have no limit in variety, the most common sets have black centers with silver rims for black tie and white or off white centers with silver rims for white tie. Sets generally include 2 cuff links and 4 shirt studs. Tuxedo shirts usually have set of  holes right next to the regular buttons to accommodate these.

Always remember, when wearing a Tuxedo, it is not the whole but the parts that come together to forming the Perfect Tux.

Go forth and be dapper!


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