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3 Quick Tips To Asking The Girl Of Your Dreams To Prom

3 Quick Tips To Asking The Girl Of Your Dreams To Prom

Going to the prom by yourself might make you feel like an independent spirit, but unless you’re in the presence of all of your tightest friends, it might make for a very boring evening. In fact, some proms won’t even let you attend without a date. This is perfectly fine if you’ve got a solid steady boyfriend or girlfriend, but what if you’re cruising through your senior year as a single man? You have to ask a girl to the prom right? I know for some guys this is a scary task, but don't worry, we got some tips to help you accomplish the goal.


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Sounds simple enough, right?  Well a lot of guys tend to think they have to be extra to get that pretty girls attention from down the hall.  Truth is, most girls like a guy who stands out but get turned off when a guy tries too hard to be seen.  Nothing’s more of a turn off than a guy who attempts to get attention by doing a backflip off of the gym steps only to get rushed to the ER because he busted his nose on the concrete.  Don’t be that guy!  Just be yourself, laugh at things you find funny and showcase the things that make you YOU!  If that doesn’t get her attention than she probably wouldn’t be your best date for prom anyway.


Now hopefully before you ask your prospective date to prom A- she knows who you are (at least your name), and B- you and her have at least spoken a few times.  These are really important steps to setting yourself up to go to prom together, because who really wants to go to the prom with a stranger?  No matter how pretty she might be, nothing’s harder to come back from than a few awkward moments of silence.  So just make sure you and her have some sort of connection before you spend your last high school dance together.


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Not only does a girl like someone who stands out, but also someone who is confident.  Confidence is a state of being, an attitude, a mindset.  Be sure of who you are! Be a leader, not a follower!  Having confidence in yourself will not only make you feel good about who you are but confidence will also attract people to you.  So be strong, be bold and know what you want!  Have confidence when asking the question, “Will you go to prom with me?”.  You would be surprised to know that most likely she has been waiting on you to step up and ask.  So be confident that she will say yes and 9 times out of 10 she will!  Even if she already has a date or is hoping someone else asks her, just know that’s her loss anyway.  Good luck and go get your dream girl!

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